Recycling Rubbish Collection Disgrace in Goolwa

Posted By admin / 08/11/2015 / latest post / Comments are disabled

Recycling in Goolwa. In this day and age is it really good enough that the local Alexandrina Council, through the Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority, only collects recyclables once a month. The amount of packaging on today’s foodstuffs and other consumables is literally mountainous. Local resident Sudha Hamilton reports that his yellow bin is stuffed full with recyclable rubbish way ahead of the scheduled monthly pick up date. His analysis of his rubbish situation is that his weekly blue bin is hardly ever half full and he often only puts it out once every second week.

When you consider that residents can compost their wet rubbish, but have no recourse to the reduction of their packaging waste, as burning off is not encouraged; it doesn’t make sense to limit the recycling collection. A once a fortnight collection of recyclables seems the bare minimum to adequately deal with the situation. South Australian residents, and visitors, of and to Goolwa deserve better service from their council. It makes one pose the question, are we the poor relations of Australia?

The Adelaide City Council collects resident’s recyclables from their yellow wheelie bin fortnightly. Do residents of cities have access to higher standards of public amenities than regional South Australians?  Is that fair and equitable in the twenty first century, when we are spending billions of dollars establishing an National Broadband Network but country people cannot even get their rubbish collected properly. The kerbside bin collection schedule needs to reflect the equal opportunities for regional Australians with their city counterparts.

The natural outcome of a situation like this, is that residents don’t recycle their plastic, glass, paper and cardboard waste correctly but rather chuck it all in the regular blue wheelie bin; simply because the yellow bin is full. The Alexandrina Council is therefore promoting, by default, poor community waste management practices. The bumper sticker could be – “We Just Don’t Care!”

This digital media platform suggests that an immediate change of recyclable rubbish collection scheduling is made to meet the community demands in the twenty first century. Look after the residents and the many tourists who visit Goolwa and the Fleurieu Peninsula. There are so many wonderful things about Goolwa and this beautiful part of Australia. There are great beaches, fishing, sailing, boating, places to stay and visit, but we need to get the basics right. The infrastructure underpinning this vibrant community must be supportive and effective.