Child Sex Abuse South Australia

Posted By admin / 08/07/2015 / latest post / Comments are disabled

It is the old story of the poor being neglected and governments only looking after those with a voice. In South Australia, the horrendous behaviour of a government employed care worker in abusing more than half a dozen children, some as young as 18 months, is staggering. How in the twenty first century do we have these Dickensian type things still happening right under the noses of those in charge? What motivates these deeply disturbed individuals is less the issue than how they fly under the radar in this day and age.

The wolf in sheep’s clothing is unfortunately nothing new, just ask the religious leaders who run schools and social welfare schemes in this country and throughout the western world. Do gooders who do wrong are often hidden by community indifference and when they turn out to be pushing their own barrows of selfish aggrandisement, with the rewards in the defilement of innocent flesh, it is astonishingly disgusting. We outsource our ethical concerns when we focus intently on our material gratifications to the exclusion of the lesser achievers within our society and leave it to the government.

It is easy to blame others and to feign incomprehension when things like this happen, but if we focus only on our own family and savings what can we really expect. We are all part of communities and if we do not extend out awareness beyond our household perimeters we will continue to witness appalling things such as these. When the Royal Commission finishes and the memory of these eviscerating sexual abuses fade we will in all likelihood return to our indifferent ways. The innocent will continue to suffer when they are the progeny of the poor and we will only look out for our own.

Sexual abuse is considered today a disease, it has historically been around since the dawn of time, and it is rife within western communities. The growing awareness of it has escalated exponentially over the last two decades, it is no longer hidden as a shameful family secret to the extent it once was. People, adults, using children’s bodies as empty vessels for their sexual needs is shocking but any sexual activity without love is the real problem; the root of this despicable abuse. We all need to wake up to what sex is all about, procreation for sure, but procreation borne out of love. We can enjoy having sex without making babies but it still needs to be an act of love.