Aussie Wins World’s Longest Race

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Queenslander #WillComiskey has won the world’s longest horse race the #MongolDerby. Will ‘Dingo’ Comiskey tied first with a Canadian and an American after completing the 1000km trek over the Mongolian steppes. Contestants utilised local horses and ate and slept with local nomadic families along the way. Will praised the generosity of the locals and developed a taste for that tea made with rancid Yak butter. The horse race itself is a self-guided journey, so it was important to have good, reliable Intel.

Aussie Wins World’s Longest Race

The three winners completed the race in just ten days, four days earlier than expected by the organisers. The three riders made a pact to share the victory together, saying that it was a suitable conclusion after such a challenging event. The horses provided to the competitors were changed every 40km, in honour of a system originally developed by Genghis Khan. Competitors, however, were not encouraged to marauder any local inhabitants, unlike Genghis Khan. The horses provided were described as semi-wild by the race organisers.

These Mongolian ponies may be small, but they sure are tough little beasts. Will not being an excessively tall bloke by Western standards, still had his legs dangling down like a spider of a similar name. Pip Comiskey, Will’s mother was very proud of her son and shared that he had tried rodeo riding before and that his horsemanship would have been a key to his achievement in winning the race. The Mongolian horses can gallop for 30km non-stop no problem, according to Will. But you could occasionally draw a slow pony and be forced to meander for that section of the course.

Will raised fourteen thousand dollars for the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia through competing in the world’s longest horse race. Will was thinking about the recent passing of his father and his mum reckons that his dad would have been by his side during the journey. It was a result to make a father proud, that’s for sure.

Will’s co-winners were Heidi Telstad from Canada and Marcia Hefker-Miles fron New Mexico, USA. Will Comiskey was originally from Dingo in Central Queensland, but now lives and works on a property at Boggabilla near the New South Wales/Queensland border in Australia. Racing over a 1000km would be an incredible experience, especially in a place like Mongolia. Living rough on the steppes of the Mongolian planes would challenge most folks and Will’s experience as a horseman in Oz must have come in very handy. Congratulations Will on winning the Mongol Derby!