Golf: Playing Pennants or Doing Penance?

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By Robert Sudha Hamilton   It is early on Sunday morning; it is cold, raining and windy. A collection of golfers, clad in beanies and wet weather gear, are framed by mist and moisture. The ground beneath their feet is sodden and muddy. These are serious golfers, the cream of the club-golfing crop; out early […]

The Art of Coffee Making

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Coffee has assumed an important place in the hearts and minds of Australians everywhere. Baristas have become personages wielding influence above and beyond the status of mere cafe workers. These skilled artisans, who brew the black gold and texture creamy milk, have their fingers on the pulse of the nation. They work magic with steam, […]

Recipe of the Week: Orange & Turmeric Cake

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The Goolwafind Recipe of the Week is something sweet and healthy! This Orange and Turmeric Cake is a little bit different and bloody delicious. Perfect fare for the end of this frosty Goolwa winter. It has been a cold one down here in the Southern Fleurieu. Heaters have been turned up high and the cold […]

Plumbing is Not the New Black

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Not the Snake, but the 24 Hour Plumber by Felton Drury All my bags were packed and I was ready to go. This would be the trip of a lifetime, I thought to myself. I had been planning this holiday for years now, saving up money and working out my itinerary. I will go to […]

Aussie Wins World’s Longest Race

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Queenslander #WillComiskey has won the world’s longest horse race the #MongolDerby. Will ‘Dingo’ Comiskey tied first with a Canadian and an American after completing the 1000km trek over the Mongolian steppes. Contestants utilised local horses and ate and slept with local nomadic families along the way. Will praised the generosity of the locals and developed […]

Goolwa Woolworths Shopping Centre Lock Down

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Dateline Monday 14th September 2015 Today at the Goolwa Woolworths Shopping Centre at exactly 3.45pm shoppers found themselves locked down inside the store. Six silver, giant roller doors ominously slid down, amid wailing emergency sirens. Panicked shoppers looked helplessly around in a bid to discover what was happening. Was it a terrorist attack? Was it […]

New Ancient History Book by Local Author

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Just published this week on Amazon Kindle, a new title by local Goolwa author Robert Hamilton, Essays on Ancient History. If history is your thing and you enjoy reading about the events and identities that have shaped our civilisation, then this collection of thirty essays and articles could be just the ticket. Discover information, about […]

Recycling Rubbish Collection Disgrace in Goolwa

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Recycling in Goolwa. In this day and age is it really good enough that the local Alexandrina Council, through the Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority, only collects recyclables once a month. The amount of packaging on today’s foodstuffs and other consumables is literally mountainous. Local resident Sudha Hamilton reports that his yellow bin is stuffed full […]

Child Sex Abuse South Australia

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It is the old story of the poor being neglected and governments only looking after those with a voice. In South Australia, the horrendous behaviour of a government employed care worker in abusing more than half a dozen children, some as young as 18 months, is staggering. How in the twenty first century do we […]

Goolwa AFL Country Footy Latest Results

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July 25, 2015. Goolwa Port Elliot 1.0 5.9 5.10 10.13 (73) Victor Harbor 2.4 3.5 5.9 5.10 (40) Best: Goolwa Port Elliot – P. Fiacchi , D. Fry , T. Chesser , S. Berry , D. McKinlay , E. Cinc. Victor Harbor – A. Bartlett , C. Weetra , L. Ryan , S. Fairhurst , […]